Our Process

Our Process

Step One: Pick up 30 years of experience.


Neil Godbey has over 30 years of experience in healthcare in everything from start-up managed care organizations, to HMOs and hospital strategic mergers, to negotiations at the most senior levels. He’s joined by a team of equally experienced healthcare professionals who simply know

the business, and know how to help you find out exactly where you stand – and make it better.

This group has developed a way of doing business that will benefit any kind of healthcare organization.


The Godbey Group Process


01. Baseline Assessment

We start with a complete analysis of your current payor contracts and your market, including an assessment of your current market position and leverage points.

02. Financial Projections

Initial projections are developed based on our proprietary modeling methods, and are benchmarked against national and regional providers. From this information, we work with you to create contract grids outlining the proposed terms.

our process diagram

04. Contract Implementation

All payor contracts are collected, centralized and maintained in a working database. Ongoing data from every client/payor transaction is collected and tracked to gauge payor performance and hospital profits.

03. Negotiations

After your negotiation team is selected, contracts and rate schedules are presented to the payor. As negotiations progress, counteroffers are analyzed using real-time modeling until terms and contract language are approved by senior management on both sides.