Our Products

Our Products

We have ways of putting you in the lead.


Our unique combination of proprietary data and senior negotiators is the best way to find out exactly how you’re doing, and make it better. And it works; we regularly give our clients a significantly higher increase in payor reimbursements vs. the national average. Our invaluable stockpile of data and knowledge has been gathered through negotiations for more

than 300 hospital clients in 36 states. By teaming with the Godbey Group, you can easily benchmark your payor reimbursements against similar situations across the country. Thanks to our sophisticated modeling capabilities, we know what other hospitals are being paid in similar situations across the nation – before negotiations even begin.



Performance Benchmarking

Since we have access to the industry’s most complete, up-to-the-minute national and regional data for benchmarking (much of it from our own work and experiences), we have the unique ability to show you exactly where you stand – very quickly. Combine that knowledge with our proprietary modeling abilities, and we’re able to generate and analyze real-time reimbursement projections throughout our relationship,and throughout the negotiation process.

Managed Care Contract Review

We’ve seen almost every sort and size of contract. In fact, we’ve been part of the development team on hundreds of them. So we know an opportunity when we see one – or an omission. And since you’re the ones bringing us on board, you can feel confident knowing everything we look for, find and change is with your best interests in mind.


Contract Negotiation

Our expert negotiators have been there before, on both sides of the negotiating table. With all that experience, our negotiators probably already know – and have already earned the respect of – your payors’ most senior managers. Plus, they’re experts at analyzing existing and future contracts to verify yield, compliance and contract language.

The Godbey Report™

The Godbey Report is an innovative managed care contracting business tool that uses your existing data, the proprietary Godbey Report database, and our expert analysis to show you where you stand with managed care payors – and a lot more. This in-depth, eye-opening look at how you compare to similar hospitals across the United States gives you the advantage you need before negotiations begin.

For more information on The Godbey Report, and how it can help you, just download The Godbey Report sample


Healthcare Reform Services


Whether you’re transitioning to value-based contracting (affordable care without sacrificing clinical quality),
or already there, The Godbey Group has the unique knowledge and experience to address today’s changes
in healthcare – and make them work for you.

Readiness Evaluations

This set of consultation services, for smaller hospitals and healthcare systems, involves a 12-part data and document review, as well as personal, on-site interviews with physicians, administrators and board members. The goal is to determine your readiness to enter into value-based contracts as you proceed down the road to becoming an accountable care organization.

Custom Implementation Every organization is different.

So, each of our implementations is different, too. It’s this customized, step-by-step approach that ensures the process goes smoothly – and works beautifully – every time.

  • Evaluation – An in-depth review of the organization’s circumstances, as well as in-depth interviews with key physicians, administrators, board members and community leaders.
  • Strategy – Creation of a multi-dimensional, multi-phase strategic plan and timeline for deploying key resources necessary to establish a comprehensive approach to accountable care.
  • Talent – Assistance in the evaluation of existing talent, acquisition of new talent and the ongoing development all relevant personnel.
  • Knowledge Transfer – Implementation of a customized training program, tracking of resources and ongoing council to support the implementation of accountable care over a 6- to 12-month timeframe, during which The Godbey Group will transfer as much knowledge and experience as possible.