Better Negotiators Mean Better Negotiations

When it’s time to renegotiate hospital and physician payor reimbursement contracts, don’t go it alone, partner with The Godbey Group (TGG). Our experienced healthcare executives understand the business of managed care, and will provide you with the negotiating and analytics expertise to maximize your reimbursement.

Welcome to The Godbey Group

The Godbey Group has been working for the success of our Hospital and Physician clients for over 25 years across the United States. Our proprietary analytics give our clients an undeniable edge, and a significantly higher increase in payor reimbursements vs. the national average.

How do we do it? We bring the know-how and the tools to simplify an increasingly complex process. We give you a clear picture of where you stand in the market.

Most importantly, we build a strategic relationship with each of our clients. We become part of your team to ensure you can continue your mission and values within your community.

Our Founder


Founder & CEO

Prior to founding The Godbey Group, Neil was the CEO of multiple national health care consulting firms, specializing in planning, development, and financial services to managed care organizations, hospitals and health systems, medical groups, and other health care providers.

In addition, he was responsible for developing and operating one of the largest IPAs in the nation with 7,000 physician providers, along with a hospital network that supported over 450,000 capitated, managed care lives.

The Godbey Group Process

01. Baseline Assessment

We start with a complete analysis of your current payor contracts, as well as an assessment of your current market position and leverage points.

02. Financial Projections

Initial projections are developed based on our proprietary modeling methods and are benchmarked against national, regional and local providers. From this information, we work with you to create contract grids outlining the terms.

03. Negotiations

After your negotiation team is selected, contracts and rate schedules are presented to the payor. As negotiations progress, counteroffers are analyzed using real- time modeling until terms and contract language are approved by senior management on both sides.

04. Contract Implementation

All payor contracts are collected, centralized and maintained in a working database. Ongoing data from every client/payor transaction is collected and tracked to gauge payor performance and hospital profits.

It’s The Data

The Godbey Group’s secret weapon is a proprietary database that lets us show your payor exactly what is being paid in similar situations almost anywhere in the country.


Billions of Dollars in Data Modeled

Modeling data for hundreds of clients in the past 25 years gives us the insight and capability to get the most out of your data.


Up-to-the-Second Benchmark Data

Access to the latest and most complete national, regional and local data for instant benchmarking.


Expert Contract Analysis

The people at TGG are particularly experienced at analyzing existing and future contracts to verify yield, compliance and contract language


Proprietary Modeling

Proprietary modeling abilities that drive analysis and allow for real-time reimbursement projections during the negotiation process.


Reimbursement Projections

Rate tables and projections are developed based on modeling and then benchmarked against current contracts.


Contract Database Services

A working database of all your payor contracts is collected, centralized and maintained, and used to validate reimbursement of expected payments for each individual client.

Why Choose The Godbey Group

Simply, TGG takes the complexity out of the negotiation process. We have a deep desire to ensure your success and will settle for nothing less. We build our process around each client individually to become a part of the team, and to ensure you can continue your mission and values within your community.

Let’s talk

If you’d like to learn more about The Godbey Group, please reach out to us at (972) 714-0004 or email help@thegodbeygroup.com. It’ll only take a minute, and you’ll get a lot out of it.

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